National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies

Nistads International Workshop on Emerging Trends in Science & Technology Indicators:
Aspects of Collaboration and The Second Collnet Meeting 20-25th February 2001

K.S.Krishnan Marg
Pusa Gate New Delhi 110012, India

Focus of the Workshop

Since World War II, countries have realized the importance of organizing and studying science and technology (S&T) indicators for management, development and modernization. In view of the need for effective deployment of human, financial and educational resources, compiling of  S&T indicators and their study have become essential for  S&T planning. In order to study the social, economic and development potential and relevance, indicators in science and technology are used as tools for stimulating debates in the planning process of the countries.

Lately, another dimension has been added to the planning process of  S&T in different countries. R&D organizations are under pressure to be more innovative, produce results in less time and to improve quality. They have been asked to be responsive to market demands (both national and international) so as to generate their own funds and depend less on government grants. In the growing global markets, the R&D institutions are looking for new partners in various fields of Science and Technology. Consequently, collaboration in Science and in Technology has become an important focus for science studies. This Workshop intends to address the important issues in collaboration studies organised around the following main themes:

  • General issues related to S& T indicators : generation, methodology, applications

  • Collaboration studies - basic issues, concepts and new methodologies

  • Collaboration studies in relation to specific subject domains

  • Collaboration aspects : An introspection from non-bibliometric perspective

  • Construction and application of indicators for measuring technological collaboration

  • National systems of innovation: Institutional linkages, performance and policy

The second meeting of  COLLNET, the global interdisciplinary research network under the title »Collaboration in Science and in Technology«, will also be held at the same time.

This international Workshop forms a part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of NISTADS.

Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany), Aparna Basu (India), Sujit Bhattacharya (India), Grant Lewison (U.K.), K.C. Garg (India), Mari Davis (Australia), Michel Zitt (France), P.S. Nagpaul (India), Prajit Basu (India), Pradosh Nath (India), Ramesh Kundra (India), I.K. Ravichandra Rao (India), Subbiah Arunachalam (India), B.M. Gupta (India), Roland Wagner-Dobler (Germany)

Local organising committee

Ramesh Kundra (Organising Secretary)
Aparna Basu (Nistads)
Sujit Bhattacharya (Nistads)
P.R. Bose (Nistads)
V.K. Julka (Nistads)
V.P. Kharbanda (Nistads)
Garish Chopra (Nistads)
N. Mrinalini (Nistads)
Usha Munshi (INSA)
S.S. Sachdeva (Nistads)
Divya Srivastava (ICMR)

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