COLLNET 2008 Papers

Fourth International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics, and Scientometrics & Ninth COLLNET Meeting
28 July - 1 August 2008 Berlin

Program 2008-7-25: PDF

Proceedings of WIS 2008
as an online Open-Access e-book (2008-10-22):
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Keynote Speakers

  1. DeB. Beaver, Donald (USA)
    Opening Remarks. PDF
  2. Glänzel, Wolfgang (Belgium)
    Seven Myths in Bibliometrics. About facts and fiction in quantitative science studies. PDF
  3. Leydesdorff, Loet (The Netherlands), Thomas Schank (Germany), Andrea Scharnhorst, & Wouter De Nooy (The Netherlands)
    Animating the development of Social Networks over time using a dynamic extension of multidimensional scaling. HTML & PDF
  4. Rao, I. K. Ravichandra; Sahoo Bibhuti Bhusan (India)
    Distributions of Multiple Authors in Two Journals (JASIST and Scientometrics) and in the subject Software Studies: A Case Study. PDF
  5. Tijssen, Robert (The Netherlands)
    Are we moving towards an integrated European Research Area? A bibliometric perspective. PDF
  6. Rousseau, Ronald (Belgium)
    Reflections on recent developments of the h-index and h-type indices. PDF
  7. Vaughan, Liwen (Canada)
    A New Frontier of Informetric and Webometric Research: Mining Web Usage Data. PDF

Accepted Papers

  1. Afshar, Mina; Amir Hossein Abdulmajid; Farshid Danesh (Iran)
    Survey on authors' collaboration rate and citation behaviors in JRMS  articles during 2004-2006. PDF
  2. Aguillo, Isidro F.; Josè Luis Ortega; Mario Fernandez; Ana M. Utrilla (Spain)
    Web mediators for cybermetric purposes: A comparative analysis. PDF
  3. Asadi, Maryam; Maryam Shekofteh (Iran)
    The Relationship between the research activity of Iranian medical universities and their Web Impact Factor. PDF
  4. Asnafi, AmirReza; Maryam Pakdaman Naeeni; Najimieh Tousi (Iran)
    A survey on amount of scientific publications of Iranian scientists and their collaboration in E-Print database.
  5. Ball, Rafael; Bernhard Mittermaier; Dirk Tunger (Germany)
    Creation of Journal-Based Publication Profiles of Scientific Institutions -- A Methodology for the Interdisciplinary Comparison of Scientific Research Based on the J-Factor. PDF
  6. Basu, Aparna (India)
    International Collaboration in Indian Science in two decades (1987-2007): A scientometric study
  7. Beglou, Reza Rajabali (Iran)
    Study of the relationship between world university rankings and count of links to them: based on Shanghai university ranking and Times Higher Education
  8. Berendt, Bettina; Ilija Subašić (Belgium)
    Identifying, measuring and visualizing the evolution of a story: A Web mining approach. PDF
  9. Bhattacharya, Sujit; Swapan Patra (India)
    Is India Developing Competency in High Technology? Case Study based on Indian Patenting
  10. Biglu, Mohammad Hossein (Iran)
    Scientometric study of patent literature in medicine. PDF
  11. Boell, Sebastian; Concepción Wilson, Fletcher T.H. Cole (Australia)
    A Webometric Analysis of Australian Universities. PDF
  12. Borrego, Angel; Maite Barrios; Anna Villarroya; Amparo Frias; Candela Ollè (Spain)
    Research output of Spanish postdoctoral scientists: does gender matter? PDF
  13. Cavaller, Victor (Spain)
    Matrix Indicator System. PDF
  14. Chai Jing-chun (China); Hua Ping-huan (China); Ronald Rousseau (Belgium); Wan Jin-kun (China)
    The Adapted Pure h-Index. PDF
  15. Chen Yue; Wang Xukun; Chang Dongxu (China)
    Basic Concepts and Disciplinary Position of Management - A recognition based on scientometrics. PDF
  16. Chen Dar-Zen; Hsieh Hui-Chen (Taiwan)
    Constructing a Patent Citation Map Using Bibliographical Coupling and Co-citation: A Case Study on Solid State Lighting Technology
  17. Chudamani, K. S.; Yashawant G. Kanade (India)
    Impact of journals based on age: a citation analysis of CES course
  18. Danesh, Farshid; Faramarz Soheili; Afsaneh Shafiei (Iran)
    An Analysis of the Links among the Websites of the Iranian government ministries: Using Webometrics methods. PDF
  19. Dees, Werner (Germany)
    Innovative Scientometric Methods for a Continuous Monitoring of Research Activities in Educational Science. PDF
  20. Derrick, Gjemma E. (Australia)
    The Mapping and Prediction of the Publication Activity of an Academic Scientist: Implications for Public Science Communication
  21. Ding, Kun; Wang Yan; Liu Shengbo; Yu Yingxin (China)
    Developmental State of Electronic Information Technology in China Based on Knowledge Metrics
  22. Diwakar, Sandhya; K. K. Singh (India)
    Effectiveness of Research Capacity Building Program in India - A Quantitative Evaluation. PDF
  23. Farajpahlou, A. Hossein; Osareh, Farideh (Iran)
    Growth and development of Iranian scientific outputs in Social Sciences during 1990-2006 as drawn from Web of Science (WOS)
  24. Ghane, Mohammad Reza (Iran)
    Self-Citation in PJCR's Engineering Journals and Their Significance in Determining Impact Factor During 2002-2006.
  25. Glänzel, Wolfgang (Belgium); B. M. Gupta (India)
    Science in India. A bibliometric study of national and institutional research performance in 1991-2006. PDF
  26. Gradmann, Stefan (Germany)
    EU Project EERQI (European Educational Research Quality Index)
  27. Guo Hanning (China); Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China); Liu Zeyuan (China)
    Distribution of Co-Author Pairs’ Frequencies of the Journal of Information Technology. PDF
  28. Gupta, B.M. (India)
    A Comparative Study of the S&T Profile of India and Germany as Reflected in Publication Output during 1996-2006. PDF
  29. Gupta, Namita (India)
    Pattern of Extramural Research and Development Funding in India: Trend Analysis of Fifteen Years Period (1990-2005)
  30. Haidari, Gholam; Firoozeh Zareh; Farideh Osareh; A. Hossein Farajpahlou (Iran)
    Collaboration among Library and Information Science websites of Associations and Societies (LISAS), using webometric methods. PDF
  31. Hassanzadeh, M.; H. Nourmohammadi; A. Noroozichakoli (Iran)
    Organization of Science in Iran: a Holistic Review. PDF
  32. Hèrubel, Jean-Pierre V. M. (USA)
    French Dissertations in a Period of Transition, 1971-1990: Historical and General Observations for Philosophy, Information and Communication Sciences (SIC), and Art and Archaeology. PDF
  33. Hou Haiyan (China); Liu Zeyuan (China); Qu Tianpeng; Hildrun Kretchmer (Germany, China)
    International Collaboration Networks of Chinese Scientometrics. PDF
  34. Hou Jian-hua; Zhang Chun-bo,Wang Xu-kun (China)
    The Information visualization analysis of the study in International S&T Policy. PDF
  35. Huang Mu-hsaun (Taiwan)
    Application of h-index for research evaluation at university level
  36. Ivancheva, Ludmila (Bulgaria)
    Scientometrics Today: A Methodological Overview. PDF
  37. Jahn, Najko (Germany)
    The methodological status of co-authorship networks. PDF
  38. Jain, N. C. (India)
    Growing visibility of Indian biomedicine and life sciences journals in global alerting services. PDF
  39. Jiang Chunlin; Du Weibin; Li Jiangbo (China)
    Economy papers map of Co-word analysis based on CSSCI. PDF
  40. Jowkar, Abdolrasoul; Reza Rajabali Beglou (Iran)
    Study of the Relationship Between World University Rankings and Count of Links to Them: Based on Shanghai University Ranking and Times Higher Education. PDF
  41. Kavunenko, Lidiya (Ukraine)
    Models of International Cooperation in Ukraine
  42. Khan, Mohsin U (India)
    India's innovation policy and growth of software industry in comparison with China
  43. Knyazeva, Svetlana; Natalia Slashcheva (Russia)
    Bibliometric analysis of Russia–EU co-publications. PDF
  44. Kousha, Kayvan (Iran)
    Characteristics of Open Access Web Citation Network:  A Multidisciplinary Study. PDF
  45. Kretschmer, Hildrun; Kretschmer, Theo (China, Germany)
    Varying Shapes of Co-author Pairs' Distributions. PDF
  46. Krishnamoorthy, G.; A. Amudhavalli; K. Balu (India)
    S & T Collaboration: A  Quantitative Study. PDF
  47. Kumar, Sudhir; Surendra Kumar (India)
    Collaboration in Research Productivity in Oil Seed Research Institutes of India. PDF
  48. Kundra, Ramesh (India); Donald deB. Beaver (USA); Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China); Theo Kretschmer (Germany)
    Co-author pairs' frequencies distribution in journals of gender studies. PDF
  49. Lamirel, Jean-Charles; Anh-Phuong Ta (France)
    Combination of hyperbolic visualization and graph-based approach for organizing data analysis results: an application to social network analysis
  50. Larsen, Peder Olesen (Denmark); Markus von Ins (Germany)
    Scientific output and impact. Relative positions of China, Europe, India, Japan and USA. PDF
  51. Larsen, Peder Olesen (Denmark); Markus von Ins (Germany)
    Lotka's Law, Co-authorship and Interdisciplinary Publishing. PDF
  52. Liberman, Sofia and Roberto López Olmedo (Mexico)
    Scientist’s semantic meaning of the concept of ‘coauthorship’. PDF
  53. Li Jiangbo; Jiang Chunlin; Du Weibin (China)
    Visualization study of management hotspots based on CSSCI in China. PDF
  54. Liu Shengbo; Ding Kun; Yang Ying; Liu Yajie; Wang Yan (China)
    Research on Coauthoring of the Paper of Chinese Science and Technology Management Field
  55. Lo Szu-chia (Taiwan)
    Scientific Linkage of Public Research and Technology Development. PDF
  56. Macias-Chapula, C.A.; Rodea-Castro, I.P; Menjivar-Rubio, A.H; Meza-Barrera, M.A. (Mexico)
    A bibliometric analysis of public health research work in Mexico. PDF
  57. Mahbuba, Dilruba (Bangladesh); Ronald Rousseau (Belgium)
    Scientific research in Bangladesh and a comparison with India and Pakistan. PDF
  58. Manuelraj, P.; A. Amudhavalli (India)
    Collaboration Pattern amongst Health Care Professionals in India. PDF
  59. Markscheffel, B.; H. Thomas (Germany)
    COLDLib - A concept for a global knowledge space for the COLLNET community. PDF
  60. Markusova, V.; E. Aversa (Russia)
    Trends in Research Performance and International Collaboration in Central Asia in the PostSoviet Period. PDF
  61. Marshakova-Shaikevich, Irina  (Poland, Russia)
    Polish journals in the world scientific corpus: bibliometric analysis. PDF
  62. Marshakova-Shaikevich, Irina (Poland, Russia); Heinz, Michael (Germany)
    Bibliometric assessment of world scientific corpus of journals and fields of knowledge presented in DBs JCR:Science Edition 1998-2002. PDF
  63. Ma Zheng; Pan Yuntao; Su Cheng; Guo Hong; Yu Zhenglu; Hu Zhiyu; Wu Yishan (China)
    Using Lorenz Curve and Gini Coefficient to Reflect the Inequality Degree of S&T Publications : An Examination of the Institutional Distribution of Publications in China and other Countries. PDF
  64. Mayr, Philipp (Germany)
    An evaluation of Bradfordizing effects. PDF
  65. Mitesser, Oliver; Michael Heinz; Frank Havemann; Jochen Gläser (Germany)
    Measuring Diversity of Research by Extracting Latent Themes from Bipartite Networks of Papers and References. PDF
  66. Mokhtari, H.; A. Mirzai (Iran)
    Differences among Science, Social Science and Humanities from Current Scientometric Perspective, with a Glance on Iran Status
  67. Must, Ülle (Estonia)
    The role of traditions in cooperation. PDF
  68. Noroozichakoli, Abdolreza; Mohammad Hassanzadeh; H. Nourmohammadi (Iran)
    Evaluation of Iran Scientific Productions based on ISI Statistics through 2006-2007. PDF
  69. Nouri, Rasool; Farshid Danesh (Iran)
    Scientific Production of Academic Members in Web of Science during 2000-2005 and Effective Factors: A case study in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. PDF
  70. Nourmohammadi, H., Abdolreza Noroozichakoli, Mohammad Hassanzadeh (Iran)
    Impact Factor in Institute for Scientific Information (ISI): Quality and Quantity of Scientific Publications. PDF
  71. Ortega, José Luis; Isidro F. Aguillo (Spain)
    Germany in the European academic web space. PDF
  72. Osareh, Farideh (Iran); Katherine W. McCain (USA)
    Visualizing the structure of Iranian chemistry in SciSearch using author co-citation technique. PDF
  73. Ozel, Bulent; Beyza Oba (Turkey)
    Scientic Collaborations in Turkey
  74. Pang Jing'an; Wang Lian; Cao Yan; Yu Jie (China)
    Quantification Evaluation of Technical Innovation Capabilities of Chinese Large and Medium Industrial Enterprises. PDF
  75. Panigrahi, B. K.; Mukherjee, T.; Srivastava, D. (India)
    Analytical evaluation of Malaria Research Papers in MEDLINE & SCI during the period of 1986-90 & 2001-05. PDF
  76. Perianes-Rodriguez, Antonio; Carlos Olmeda Gómez; Félix Moya-Anegón (Spain)
    Detecting Research Groups In Coauthorship Networks. PDF
  77. Ruschenburg, Tina (Germany)
    Oceanographic research institutions on the World Wide Web: A comparison of websites in developed and developing countries. PDF
  78. Russell, Jane M.; Ma. Jesús Madera-Jaramillo; Yoscelina Hernández-Garcia; Shirley Ainsworth (Mexico)
    Mexican collaboration networks in the international and regional arenas. PDF
  79. Sangam, S.L.; Smt.Meera (India)
    Research Collaboration Pattern in Indian Contributions to Chemical Sciences. PDF
  80. Schulze, Anna Dorothea & Katrin Meischner (Germany)
    Conflict Emergence and Conflict Management in Developing Innovations
  81. Shah, Leena; Prashant Goswami; Umesh Sharma (India)
    Webometric study of University Websites of UttarPradesh and Rajasthan (India). PDF
  82. Singh, Yogendra; Mohd. Furqan Ullah (India)
    A Small Town in the World of big Science: Contribution of Roorkee in Scientific and Technological Research, 1996-2005. PDF
  83. Srivastava, Divya; Sandhya Diwakar (India)
    Changing Face of Indian Medical Research: A collaboration analysis of papers from SCI (1999 & 2007). PDF
  84. Sun Taotao (China); Steven A. Morris (USA)
    Timeline and Crossmap Visualization of Patents. PDF
  85. Sun, Yuan; Sumio Kakinuma; Masamitsu Negishi; Masaki Nisizawa (Japan)
    Internationalizing Academic Research Activities in Japan. PDF
  86. Tavakolizadeh-Ravari, Mohammad (Iran)
    A Study on Evaluating Documents Regarding Their Lengths. PDF
  87. Thamaraiselvi, S. (India)
    Concept of Web Impact Factors in Webometrics.
  88. Thijs, Bart; Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)
    The Usage of Collaborating Institutes to Set Benchmarks in Evaluation Studies
  89. Wang Xianwen; Liu Zeyuan; Chen Yue; Zhu Xiaoyu (China)
    Analysis of Science Collaboration Network of Top Research-oriented Universities in The World. PDF
  90. Yang Zhongkai; Liu Qian-nan; Liu Ze-yuan (China)
    Top ten highly cited patents in USPTO. PDF
  91. Yin Li-chun; Yang Zhong-kai; Liu Ze-yuan; Zhao Ying-xu (China)
    Comparison of Patents Studies between China and Abroad. PDF
  92. Zahedi, Zohreh (Iran)
    Visibility of Iranian Journals Web Sites: A Webometric Study. PDF
  93. Zhang Lin; Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)
    Journal cross-citation matrices reconsidered. Tracing the role of individual journals in the communication network. PDF
  94. Zhang Ting; Liu ZeYuan; Zhao TaiYang (China)
    Timeline and Landscape : A Case Study of Visualizing the Evolution of Science Communication Research Fronts. PDF
  95. Zhao Xiao-yuan (China)
    Research on Development Strategy of Information Intermediary Enterprises' Demands Service in IT Field---Based on Investigation of IT
  96. Zhou Ping; Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)
    Regional analysis on Chinese scientific profile
  97. Zhu Ling; Chen Jin (China)
    Searching for China's Regional Innovation Poles and Holes based on the Scientometrics of Regional Patent Collaboration data. PDF

Accepted Posters

  1. Alemokhtar, Mohammad Javad; Rasoul Nouri; Roghayyeh Asgari; Mohammad Ali Boroumand (Iran)
    Determining Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Cardiovascular E-Journals based on the rate of usage among university users in 2006 and ranking these journal in ISI list
  2. Baykoucheva, Svetla (USA)
    Analyzing Literature on Drugs with Web of Science and HistCite: Institutional Affiliations of Most Prolific Authors Publishing on Atorvastatin (Lipitor)
  3. Burrell, Quentin L. (Isle of Man)
    The publication/citation process at the micro level: A case study. PDF
  4. Cavaller, Victor (Spain)
    Datametrics? About the architecture of the metric disciplines. PDF
  5. Danesh, Farshid; Ahmad Meratnia; Afsaneh Shafiei (Iran)
    Survey on electronic banking in Iran: Using Webometrics methods
  6. Ghane, Mohammad Reza (Iran)
    Iranian University Rankings Initiative
  7. Gupta, B.M.; S.M. Dhawan, Ugrasen Singh (India)
    A Comparative Study of Social Science Research in India, China and Brazil. PDF
  8. Guo, Yongzheng (China)
    Research Collaboration between China and India: 1978-2007
  9. Kretschmer, Hildrun; Kretschmer, Theo (China, Germany)
    Visualization of social Gestalts in collaboration networks
  10. Lewison, Grant (UK)
    Who writes reviews? Can they be used to evaluate research? PDF
  11. Liang Yongxia; Liu Zeyuan; Wang Xianwen (China)
    Knowledge Mapping of Citation Analysis Domains. PDF
  12. Luan Chunjuan; Chen Yue; Bai Tianxia (China)
    Patentometric Study of Global Academies. PDF
  13. Mukherjee, Trina; Panigrahi, B.K.; Srivastava, D. (India)
    An analytical study of coverage of Dengue by MEDLINE and Indian Science Abstracts
  14. Rana, Sunil (India)
    Knowledge Management: A Paradigm Shift. PDF
  15. Roe, Philip E. (UK)
    Database of Biomedical Research Articles Cited by International Media Stories (BRACIMS). PDF
  16. Sangam, S.L. (India) & Liang Liming (China)
    Modeling the Growth of Indian and Chinese Liquid Crystals Literature as reflected in Science Citation Index (1997-2006)
  17. Srivastava, Divya; Ramesh Kundra; Sandhya Diwakar (India)
    An Analysis of Nobel Prize for World Science (1901-2007): Physics, Chemistry and Physiology/Medicine. PDF
  18. Wadhwa, N. K., D. K. Tewari, Rajpal Walke, A. K. Yadav, and S. M. Dhawan
    Bibliometric Analysis of NPL Papers Published during 1981–1985 and 2001–2005: Case Study. PDF
  19. Wang, Xianwen (China); Chaomei Chen (USA); Zeyuan Liu (China)
    Evolution of Geographic Information Systems research front using information visualizing network. PDF
  20. Zahedi, Z.; Rajabali B.R. (Iran)
    Webometrics, Webmetrics, Bibliometrics or any other Metrics? What's the difference?
  21. Zahedi, Zohreh; Mansooreh Serati Shirazi: Leila Dehghani (Iran)
    An Analysis of ISI Medical Journals Using Yahoo, AltaVista, and All The web Search Engines : A Webometrics Study
  22. Zhu Xiao-yu; Hou Jian-hua; Chen Yue (China)
    Distribution and research fronts of international energy technology. PDF